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Master Guide Requirement

(Developed in Texas) 

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Encounter Series

The encounter plan Series 1 Christ the Way

The encounter plan Series 2 Christ the Church

The encounter plan Series 3 Christ our Redemption

The encounter plan Series 4 Christ our Hope


Law, Pledge, Aim, and Motto 

Master Guide Logos and Flag Description


Staff and Volunteer Forms 

  • Staff, volunteers, and adults over 18 years old stating overnight at camp must complete the Verified Volunteers training. Please note that Verified Volunteers must renew it every three years. A verification list of staff members who have completed the course is available from the Texas Conference office.

  • A signed copy of the Medical Consent Form for each pathfinder participant must be carried on each activity and event. It is best to have three copies made at the beginning of the year - one to keep secure at the Church/Club meeting place, one to carry on field trips and outings, and one for use at Camporee. 

  • A Trip Permission Form needs to be carried for each Pathfinder participant on each outing/event.

  • Any Staff Member, Parent or other Volunteer Driver who will be transporting Pathfinders other than their own children to any Pathfinder event/outing must complete the Safe Driver Pledge. 

  • The Staff Volunteer Form should be kept with the Local Club. The Volunteer Code of Conduct is to be signed in the presence of a senior Club Staff Member or Church Pastor or Youth Ministries Leader but retained by the Volunteer. 

  • Please remember that these various forms are to help ensure the safety and security of our youth. They are not intrusive, but are there to protect the young people we are called to serve. 


Safety and Security

Club leaders, staff, and volunteers demonstrate care for children by managing risks that threaten safety, assets, and resources. This care is demonstrated by:

  • Properly planning and supervising all Pathfinder/ Adventurer activities.

  • Ensuring that facilities are properly maintained, hazardous situations identified and corrective measures are taken to prevent injury or accidents.

  • Being concerned for the child’s safety.

  • Providing appropriate safety equipment and requiring its use at all times by all participants.


A Practical Guide to Pathfinder Safety

ARM Pathfinder Safety Booklet

Child Protection and Screening Policies

Field Trip Risk Checklist

Personal Injury Claim Form

Camp Safety Inspection Form

Automobile Loss Claim Form


Verified Volunteers

Sterling Volunteers website

Download the step-by-step instructions

Download the Verified Volunteer Information


If you have questions, please contact, Irene Lazarus

Volunteers Services Coordinator

Telephone 817-790-2255 ext. 2206


Adventist Risk Management

Adventist Risk Management provides a wealth of information regarding safe and secure planning and activities, visit their website.


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I. Prerequisites:

  1. Be a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  2. Have a written recommendation from your local church board, stating that the candidate is in regular standing.

  3. Be at least 16 years of age to start the Master Guide Leadership course and at least 18 years of age at completion.

  4. Have a completed Basic Staff Training Certification and been involved for a minimum of one year in one of the following ministries.

   a. Adventurers Ministries
   b. Pathfinders Ministries
   c. Youth Ministries
* It will be helpful for a Master Guide in training to have exposure to both ministries, Adventurers and Pathfinders.



II. Spiritual Development:

  1. Read or Listen to the book Steps to Christ or Steps to Christ Youth Edition and submit a one-page response focusing on the benefits of your reading.

  2. Complete the devotional guide “Encounter Series I, Christ the Way”, or complete another year-long Bible reading plan that covers the four Gospels.

  3. Read or listen to the book the Desire of the Ages or Humble Hero.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • a) Keep a devotional journal for at least four weeks, summarizing what you learned in your devotional time and outlining how you are growing in your faith.

    • b) Complete the Steps to Discipleship Personal Spirituality Curriculum.

  5. Earn the Adventurer or Pathfinder Evangelism Award.

  6. Prepare a one-page point form (bullet point) summary on each of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs

  7. Develop and give a presentation on four of the following beliefs, making use of visual aids if possible (the use of creative media is encouraged).

    • a) Creation

    • b) The Experience of Salvation

    • c) Growing in Christ

    • d) The Remnant and Its Mission

    • e) Baptism

    • f) Spiritual Gifts and Ministries

    • g) The Gift of Prophecy

    • h) The Sabbath

    • i) Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary

    • j) The Second Coming of Christ

    • k) Death and Resurrection

  8. Enhance knowledge of Church Heritage by completing the following:

    • a) Earn the Adventist Pioneer Heritage Honor.

    • b) Read a book about SDA youth ministry such as:

      • i) The Pathfinder Story by Robert Holbrook.

      • ii) Another book that is approved by your conference Youth, Pathfinder or Adventurer Director, or their designated Master Guide representative.

  9. Read a book about church heritage such as:

  10. Attend a Seminar, or complete a 2 page (minimum) research paper about a standard temperament analysis program and complete the affiliated temperament inventory.



III. Skills Development:

1.      Attend and complete a seminar in each of the
         following ten subjects: (Each seminar must be at
         least 75 minutes long):

         a.       MGSK 001 How to be a Christian Leader &
                   Leadership Skills

         b.      MGSK 002 Vision, Mission and Motivation

         c.       MGSK 003 Communication Theory and
                   Listening Skills

         d.      MGSK 004 Practical Communication Practices

         e.       MGSK 005 Understanding Teaching and
                   Learning Styles

          f.       MGSK 006 Creativity and Resources

         g.      MGSK 007 How to Prepare Effective Creative

         h.      MGSK 008 Principles of Youth and Children’s

         i.        MGSK 009 How to Lead a Child to Christ

         j.        MGSK 010 Understanding your Spiritual Gifts

2.      Attend a seminar on Risk Management that focus’
          on Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Youth activities.

3.      Attend a Seminar on Child Abuse Prevention.

4.      Have or earn the following honors:

         a.       Christian Storytelling

         b.      Camping Skills I-IV

         c.       Basic Drilling and Marching

         d.      Knots

5.      Earn two additional honors not previously earned:
         one from the list below and a skill level 2 or 3 honor
         from a list provided by your local conference.

         a.       Crisis Intervention

         b.      Nutrition

         c.       Flags

6.      Hold a current First Aid & CPR certificate or its
         equivalent. (Instructor Required).

7.      Supervise participants through either the Adventurer
         Curriculum or Pathfinder Investiture Achievement, or
         teach a Sabbath School class for children ages 6-15,
         or its equivalent for at least one year. (Candidates
         under 18 must have a supervising adult).

IV. Child Development:

  1. Read or listen to the book Education and submit a one-page response focusing on the benefits of your reading.

  2. Read or listen to either Child Guidance or Messages to Young People and submit a one-page response focusing on the benefits of your reading.

  3. Attend one seminar dealing with child development relating to the age of your primary ministry group.

  4. Observe for a period of two (2) hours a group of Adventurers, Pathfinders or Youth and write a reflection on their interaction.

  5. Attend a seminar on discipline.

V. Leadership Development:

  1. Read a current book about “Leadership Skill Development” such as:

  2. Demonstrate your leadership skills by doing the following:

    • Develop and conduct three creative worships for children and/or teenagers.

    • Participate in a leadership role with your local church children’s/youth group in a Conference sponsored event.

    • Teach three Adventurer Awards or two Pathfinder Honors.

    • Assist in planning and leading a field trip for a group of Adventurers, Pathfinders or Sabbath School class.

    • Be an active Adventurer, Pathfinders, or Sabbath School staff member for at least one year and attend at least 75% of all staff meetings.

  3. Write personal goals that you would like to accomplish in your ministry.

  4. Identify three current goals in your life, at least one of which is spiritually oriented, and list three goals or objects for each.



VI. Fitness Lifestyle Development

  1. Participate in a personal Physical fitness plan by completing one of the following:

    • A personal physical fitness program of your choice and according to your abilities, for at least three months.

    • A school physical fitness program.

    • The physical components of the AY Silver Award. If you already have the AY Silver award then complete the physical fitness components of the AY Gold Award.



VII. Documentation

  1. The Master Guide curriculum must be completed in a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years.

  2. All Master Guide Candidates must document all work in a portfolio.

  3. Curriculum completion is under the supervision of the conference Youth, Pathfinder or Adventurer Director, or their designated Master Guide representative.