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Resources and information for Master Guides

Safety and Security

  • Staff, volunteers, and adults over 18 years old stating overnight at camp must complete the Verified Volunteers training. Please note that Verified Volunteers must renew it every three years. A verification list of staff members who have completed the course is available from the Texas Conference office.

  • A signed copy of the Medical Consent Form for each pathfinder participant must be carried on each activity and event. It is best to have three copies made at the beginning of the year - one to keep secure at the Church/Club meeting place, one to carry on field trips and outings, and one for use at Camporee. 

  • A Trip Permission Form needs to be carried for each Pathfinder participant on each outing/event.

  • Any Staff Member, Parent or other Volunteer Driver who will be transporting Pathfinders other than their own children to any Pathfinder event/outing must complete the Safe Driver Pledge. 

  • The Staff Volunteer Form should be kept with the Local Club. The Volunteer Code of Conduct is to be signed in the presence of a senior Club Staff Member or Church Pastor or Youth Ministries Leader but retained by the Volunteer. 

  • Please remember that these various forms are to help ensure the safety and security of our youth. They are not intrusive, but are there to protect the young people we are called to serve. 



Verified Volunteer

Sterling Volunteers website

Download the step-by-step instructions

Download the Verified Volunteer Information


If you have questions, please contact, Irene Lazarus

Volunteers Services Coordinator

Telephone 817-790-2255 ext. 2206




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