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Master Guide Ministry - Being a Master Guide grants you a responsibility more than status. Master Guide ministry was developed to train and develop leaders for the Church and in specific, for youth ministry. This webpage is here to bring the most updated information on Master guide Ministry in the North American Division. 


Master Guide - continues to be the highest level of Invested leadership within the Adventurer/ Pathfinder programs of the church. It focuses on one’s personal spiritual life and growth first and foremost. General leadership skills are then woven into the sharpening of those skills, which are specifically geared to leading youth in God-ordained areas of development: understanding God’s world of nature, outreach ministry, service to others, and a life-style that denotes healthy living. As one church leader of the past put it so simply: “You can’t teach what you don’t know, and you can’t lead where you won’t go.” As leaders, we must not only be good at spouting theory if we expect to see success with our youth ministry; we must live what we preach and demonstrate it.


The Master Guide Curriculum is primarily intended to train those who wish to be actively involved in junior youth ministry in their local church. Its objective is to provide opportunities for participants to develop an awareness of the role of child/youth leadership and become better prepared to accept this role by receiving training in:


  • Personal and Spiritual Development

  • Skills Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Fitness Life-style Development


and more..


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Bible Achievement


Ultimate Master Guide Race

Male Student

Empower Training


"The Master Guide law calls me to:
Be an example in Word, Conduct, Love, Spirit, Faith and Purity"
(Based on 1 Timothy 4:12)


The Love of Christ Compels Me


The Advent Message to all the World in My Generation


"Loving the Lord Jesus, I promise to take an active part in Adventurer, Pathfinders and Youth Ministries, doing what I can to help finish the work of the gospel in all the world."

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Texas Conference Youth Director

Paulo Tenorio was born in Paraguay to missionary parents. After graduating from high school, he served as a missionary in South Korea. He graduated from Southern Adventist University. He served as a chaplain at South Texas Christian Academy and then worked as an associate pastor for Austin Spanish First and Kyle Seventh-day Adventist Churches as well as being the Central Texas Youth Area Coordinator. Today, Paulo serves as the Texas Conference Youth Director. He is married to Ana Medel and they have two daughters, Micaela and . 

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Fanny Cruz

Texas Conference Marketing Director


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Man with Mask

Tony Facundo

Texas Conference Events Director

“At the end, your greatest joy will not come from what you received from the Lord but from what you accomplish for Him”

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Al Lopez

Texas Conference Operations Director

Alfredo has been serving in the Adventurers, Pathfinders, and Master Guides ministries for over 44 years. He started as a Pathfinder and Adventurer counselor and then asked to serve as a Pathfinder Director for different clubs. Participated in the Texas Adventist Medical Cadet Corp and after that, he served as a Master Guides Area Coordinator, Bible Achievement Coordinator, Events Coordinator, and Conference Associate Director. Now, he serves as the Texas Conference Master Guides Director.

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Camping in Nature

Kaicy Thomas

Texas Conference Spiritual Director

“Let us practice the fine art of making every work a priestly ministration. Let us believe that God is in all our simple deeds and learn to find Him there.” 

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Moses Saker

Texas Conference Safety Director

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.

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Sonia Lopez.png

Sonia Lopez

Texas Conference Operations Director


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Watching the River

Suzanna Facundo

Texas Conference Empower Director

“I find that I keep offering God my service when what He wants is my fellowship” 

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Central Texas
Carla Hernandez
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Dallas East Texas
Nathan & Cristina Contreras
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Houston Bay Area
Jimmy & Paola Romero
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Keene Fort Worth
Jeser Ordonez
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Valley Coastal Bend
Itzelh Cabrera
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