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Adventurer Family Camp Volunteer

Adventurer Family Camp Volunteer Information

Adventurer Family Camp 

AFC Schedule

Showers schedule and Instructions

Traffic and campsites Map

Security Schedule

Security Guidelines

Friday Events Map

Saturday Events Map

Lake Whitney Trails Map

Director Handbook

Excuse letter

Volunteer Meeting Location

Volunteers need to meet and report to the Security trailer located at the Texas entrance under the oil tower (gate # 1). Use the camp map below.

Camp Location

The volunteer camping area will be close to the cafeteria by the lodges. Use the map below.

Volunteer Showers

The volunteer showers will be close to the cafeteria by the lodges. They will be open 24/7 unless we need to clean them. Use the Camp Map below

Volunteer Golf Cars

MG Staff will be assigned a golf car (5) and will be used mostly for transportation and event support. It will be controlled by MG Staff on a needed basis

Track Time

Volunteers, please use this link to clock-in and clock-out your shift. This will help us in the future to balance the workload.

Online Security Form

Use this form to report any security issues


Friday 84° - Rain 18% - Wind S 22 mph

Saturday 86° - Rain 41% - Wind SSW 14 mph

Sunday 86° - Rain 24% - Wind SE 12 mph

MG Staff Contact Information 

Alfredo Lopez - 214-674-8153 - MG Security and Traffic

Sonia Lopes - 214-507-2403 - In charge of Volunteers

Fanny Cruz - 512-999-3708 - In charge of Volunteers

Adv Staff Contact Information 



Volunteer Camp List 

(No class A uniform needed)

  • Scarf and Slide

  • Mask

  • Work Gloves

  • Whistle

  • Water bottle

  • Hat or umbrella

  • Camping chair

  • Sunblock

  • Flashlight

  • Rain jacket

  • Insect repellent

  • Good attitude and a big smile

Complete ListCamp Check List - Member

Volunteer Safety and Communications

MG Staff while on active duty will wear a safety vest. Radios will be provided to the Job assignment leaders, for example, a team of 7 volunteers will be in charge of showers and we'll have at least one radio for that group. We'll use channel 7.

General Security

Medical Consent Form

Trip Permission Form (under 18)

Safe Driver Pledge

Staff Volunteer Form

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Staff and Volunteer Forms 

Staff, volunteers, and adults over 18 years old stating overnight at camp must complete the Verified Volunteers training. Please note that Verified Volunteers must renew it every three years. A verification list of staff members who have completed the course is available from the Texas Conference office.


Verified Volunteers

Sterling Volunteers website

Download the step-by-step instructions

Download the Verified Volunteer Information

Safety and Security

A Practical Guide to Safety

ARM Pathfinder Safety Booklet

Child Protection and Screening Policies

Field Trip Risk Checklist

Personal Injury Claim Form

Camp Safety Inspection Form

Automobile Loss Claim Form

Adventist Risk Management

Adventist Risk Management provides a wealth of information regarding safe and secure planning and activities, visit their website.

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